For Local Escorts Booking Charges Are Given Below:

  • 1 Hour (With Travel) INR 7000 
  • 2 Hours (With Travel) INR 10000
  • 6 Hours (With Travel) INR 15000
  • 24 Hours (With Travel) INR 25000

My rates are exceptionally easy to get it. The number you truly need to know is INR 6000. That is the most imperative of my services rates, and the one that essentially chooses the greater part of the others. 
INR 6000 an hour is one of the least expensive Pune Escort rates in the majority of the capital, and it’s one that I pride ourselves on. There are a few Escorts that can supply this kind of value at that kind of cost. Longer meetings can be planned a lesser cost yet this must be conceded to a case by case premise with my manager at the season of booking. 
If you need to add additional items to your escort service, I have rates that cover a significant number of these choices. To discover more, inquire at the season of booking and we’ll be glad to reveal to all of you about the superb services on offer and their cost. 

Russian Escorts Booking Charges Will Be Totally Different That Are Mentioned Below:

  • 1 Hour INR 10,000
  • 2 Hour INR 16,000
  • 12 Hour INR 40,000
  • 24 Hour INR 70,000
  • Full Night Will Cost INR 25,000

The rates must be concurred and paid to me on my arrival. If you wish to pay by bank exchange, if you don’t mind illuminate us at the season of booking and we will direct you through the procedure. Kindly let me know how you plan to pay, at the time of booking too.

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