Guide to Having Hottest Slow Sex With Aundh Escorts Call Girls

Guide to Having Hottest Slow Sex With Aundh Escorts Call Girls

Variety makes life more enjoyable. It’s okay to change things up occasionally. When it comes to sex with Aundh Escorts Call Girls, a lot of us can get into a routine, which is why trying something different and switching positions is a great idea. However, a common mistake made by many of us is to occasionally engage in slow sexual activity.

It’s not necessary for sex to involve wild fucking to feel good. Sex that is slow and sensual is exactly what you need sometimes. Though it can be extremely boring to slow down sex. That’s not necessary! Do you want to avoid making it boring? See my guide down below.

Giving Them a Full-body Massage

I love a good massage so much. In previous sessions, I used to ask my clients to rub body lotion all over me whenever I was feeling particularly moody. It gives them a clear indication of what I want and guarantees that their hands are all over my body. There’s no feeling that compares to the slow, titillating tease of a sensual massage.

If you want to take a little more time with your sex, this is a great technique to use. Invest in some massage oil or lotion, and give it your full attention. Gently touch every part of their body, working your way in from their outermost limbs. Wait until they are practically pleading for you to touch their hot spots.

Not only is it Physical to Turn them on

You may believe that to enjoy slow sex, you have to be patient with every touch. But you would be mistaken. It takes more than just being physically cautious when having sex to slow down. It’s all about making your partner’s enjoyment last longer. This might include mental stimulation in part. You don’t even need to touch your partner to turn them on! How about sharing sultry fantasies while seated across from each other? You can also go into great detail about what you’re going to do with dirty talk. They will become more receptive and engage in longer sex without ever touching!

Take Longer to Enjoy Foreplay

You’re probably not surprised to hear this, but many Aundh Escorts Call Girls discover that it takes them longer to get comfortable having sex. Promescent states that “Aundh Escorts Call Girls take closer to 20 minutes to reach an orgasm, while average men reach one in about 6 minutes.” Foreplay should be longer for them. You can make your companion feel more at ease and help turn them on by prolonging the foreplay.

If you’re determined, extending foreplay is quite simple. I enjoy making fun of my client before we have sex. I won’t even consider fucking them until I hear them ask for it because I think it’s one of the sexiest things to make them beg for. See how long they last by implementing this policy yourself!

Your New Best Friend is Edging

You are missing out if you haven’t tried edging before! When done correctly, it not only prolongs sex and is a great way to postpone orgasms, but it also produces more intense orgasms. You should give it a shot at least once in your lifetime. Not sure where to begin? I’ve previously discussed the operation of edging. In essence, you aim to achieve the closest possible orgasm for both you and your client. After that, you rest. It enables you to learn more about your orgasms and prolong the duration of your sex.

It’s Not Always Boring to Have Slow Sex

I enjoy having sex in all forms. There are moments when nothing beats a hard, quick fuck. There are other occasions when slow, sensual sex is required. When you slow it down properly, it’s a lot of fun and feels great for everyone involved. Slow sex does not have to last for several hours. It counts if you even add five extra minutes to your session! Do you have any personal advice you’d like to share? Put them in the remarks section.

Guide to Having Hottest Slow Sex With Aundh Escorts Call Girls

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