In part one, Sateesh had booked himself an attractive outcall Pune Call Girl from his preferred agency. Her name was Leena and she was to go along with him at his school reunion. The 38-year-old proprietor of a promising IT Company needed to intrigue and having an excellent young lady on his arm would positively help!

So there he was in the rear of the taxi with the outcall Pune Call Girl. The haziness had apparently permitted the young lady’s naughty side to turn out as she unfastened his pants and released Sateesh’s erect chicken. Presently she was jolting it to and fro in the murkiness of the taxi’s rearward sitting arrangement.

The outcall Pune Call Girl had scarcely been jolting her outcall customer’s dick for a moment or two when the taxi transformed into the street of Sateesh’s outdated. Leena expertly tucked Sateesh’s erection once again into his jeans with one hand. The Pune Call Girl was such a bother however there would, in any event, be a lot of time to play later!

Out they ventured into the virus winter night and rushed across to the warm and welcoming gleam of the school’s reunion. At no other time had Sateesh been so eager to enter his school. Where once he’d been disliked, presently individuals would perceive what a triumph he’d become at the school reunion. Leena the attractive outcall call girl looked awesome nearby him in her tight dark dress which accentuated her ideal body.

Sateesh felt eyes tail him and his provocative outcall escort as they advanced toward the school reunion. He saw a couple of natural faces and was satisfied to take note of the appearance of envy on a few events, especially from the individuals who had a great time of him. How the tables had turned!

Being a top call girl, Leena was draining the consideration for all it was worth. Her hips influenced as they advanced across to the school corridor. Her wonderful ass and immaculate bosoms appeared to be underlined by the tight texture of her zoom up dress, just serving to cause the provocative to outcall call girl much progressively tasty.

The escort and customer showed up in the school lobby where the school reunion was occurring. Sateesh perceived such a large number of countenances from his school years – most of whom he’d unheard of since the day he’d left. Everyone’s eyes were on him and his thin and hot outcall Pune Call Girl sweetheart. Obviously, they didn’t realize she was an escort from a leading agency!

It wasn’t some time before they were talking ceaselessly with individuals. Leena was magnificent. Sateesh had needed an agreeable young lady who was acquainted with formal occasions and that is actually what he’d got. She made quips, posed inquiries about her customer from when he was a child in school and she even tried kissing him and putting her hands all over him. They were leaving everyone at the school reunion in most likely that Sateesh had made it!

They’d been at the occasion for simply under an hour when Leena pardoned herself, showing that she wished to go to the washroom. It was as the Pune Call Girl did so that the pulled Sateesh alongside her. Leena’s hips influenced and her butt entranced the room as she advanced into the passageway. Sateesh was going to reveal to her that they’d messed up when the outcall escort maneuvered him into a capacity organizer.

What in heaven’s name was this hot outcall escort up to now? She went to him and smiled, her ideal white teeth and delicate red lips framing a brassy grin. Without even a word, she turned that he unfasten her. Hands trembling somewhat, Sateesh gradually pulled down the zip, uncovering delicate, olive skin and delicate ladylike bends. Leena shimmied out of it and went to him. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath!


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